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How used Otta Pro for hard-to-fill roles during their explosive growth

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“Otta Pro is a fantastic solution for making hires across our business, even for harder-to-fill technical roles”,

Jonathan Gilbert, Director of Talent Acquisition at is one of the world's most valuable fintechs, backed by top investors including Tiger Global Management and Insight Partners. Their mission is to enable businesses and their communities to thrive in the digital economy.

They've built the go-to platform for all things related to payments, such as accepting transactions, processing them and detecting fraud. Their clients include well-known global brands like Wise, Sony, Klarna, Grab and Dashlane.

Since raising a $1B Series D round, has seen explosive growth in its hiring. turned to Otta to help make more than 30 key hires across functional teams including commercial, product, data and engineering.

A key benefit for is leveraging Otta Pro as a one-stop solution for filling critical roles - boosting inbound applications and outbound sourcing.

“Otta Pro has unlocked a pipeline of high quality talent to power our hyper growth.

Using the sourcing tool, we've hired impressive senior talent - Senior Software Engineers, Principal DevOps Engineers, Senior Product Designers - the list goes on.

Boosting the visibility of our job postings has been equally invaluable. Last year, 60% of our graduate software engineers applied via Otta - making it our biggest source of early careers talent. ”

Jonathan Gilbert, Director of Talent Acquisition at

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Office lunch at

Every month,'s jobs on Otta are matched to thousands of candidates with the required skills. The increased visibility, thanks to Otta Pro's “boost” feature, has allowed to showcase their employer brand to over 100,000 relevant candidates.

The customisable company profile - with details about their mission, progression opportunities, benefits, DE&I policies, work environment - highlights how is building a great place to work.

“The storytelling capabilities we have with Otta are brilliant. The fact we can personalise our profile and showcase our mission helps us connect with better informed candidates who have already had a great introduction to who we are. ”

Tom Pattison, Employer Brand Manager at

photo of Tom Pattison, Employer Brand Manager at

Tom Pattison, Employer Brand Manager at

By curating exciting tech companies and designing a delightful job search experience, Otta attracts high quality, high-intent candidates who actively search for their next role. This behavioural data enables efficient filtering to find engaged candidates, meaning that the response rates on Otta are best-in-class.

“The sourcing tool does a great job of showing me just the active candidates in easy-to-digest batches, with all the key information I need attached.”

George Willoughby, Talent Acquisition Specialist at

photo of Jade Rivett, Data Analytics Engineer at

Jade Rivett, Data Analytics Engineer at

Jade Rivett was hired as a Data Analytics Engineer at after being messaged through Otta's sourcing tool.

“Otta had always been on my radar because of all the mission-driven companies on the platform. I was thrilled to get a message from the team at - it was the opportunity that I'd been looking for.”

Jade Rivett, Data Analytics Engineer at

Working in an environment that welcomes diversity of thought is a key priority for Jade. This aligned perfectly with the positive endorsements that her fellow colleagues had provided on's company profile on Otta: “people of all backgrounds are welcomed”.

“I'm part of a really talented team who are always eager to discuss my ideas and ask for feedback. It makes for a great working atmosphere when you feel confident that you can voice your opinion and that it's valued.”

Jade Rivett, Data Analytics Engineer at

Jade's not looked back since joining - she loves collaborating with her colleagues to make an impact.

“I'm excited to be a part of's journey as we continue to disrupt the payments industry. It's been so rewarding to help make the smart, data-driven decisions needed to help us win.”

Jade Rivett, Data Analytics Engineer at

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"The candidate base is very diverse. Of the 20 hires we made, 50% have been people from underrepresented backgrounds."

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"Otta Pro has unlocked high quality talent for hard-to-fill roles: we've hired Senior Software Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Product Designers - the list goes on."

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